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the release of As Christ Is My Example.  This book was written as a 31 day devotional. It may also be used as a study for small groups or Sunday School classes.

As Christ Is My Example: A Daily Walk in Faith with Christ, takes its readers on a month-long sojourn through the life of Jesus Christ. The author, Jan Keegan, has created thirty-one daily devotional reflections and presented them with illustrations by Heather H. Hathaway. The pairings help readers to focus on the themes that arise naturally from contemplating the life, ministry, teachings, and examples offered by the biblical witness of Jesus contained in the four gospels.

Each day's devotion turns the reader's attention to a theme, such as prayer, forgiveness, temptation, love, mercy, turning the other cheek, work, and pleasing God. Each reflection begins with the phrase, "As Christ is my example," and then, giving voice in the first person, shares an insight with roots in the gospels.

By cultivating a sense of simplicity and focus, the entries in As Christ Is My Example: A Daily Walk in Faith with Christ, will help anyone who commits time each day for a month to experience the gifts of grace and life that Jesus offers. The book is especially helpful during special times of the year such as in the Lent and Advent seasons. The promise that Jesus extends, " I come that they may have life and have it abundantly" (John 10:10b NRS), will reach out from these devotions to touch the heart of the reader who walks daily in faith with Christ.

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